Licensure Gateway Portal Logging In

First Time Users:

  1. Click the link for the application and on the landing page, click on “Create Licensure Gateway Account”.
  2. Complete each page of the gateway registration, and then click “Finish”.
  3. On the next page you have two options, to either click “Exit” (bottom of page) or “Return Home” at the top of the page, and both options will do the same thing – take you to the Login page.
  4. On the Login page, use the username and password you just created to log in.
  5. Once you have logged in, in the upper right corner, hover over “Applications” and click on the application you wish to complete.
  6. Follow the prompts for each step of the application, then submit the application.
  7. After you have submitted the application, you can click on “Return Home” to access the upload check list to submit additional information where applicable.

Return Users:

  1. Simply need to log into the portal with the username and password you created to review the status of your application.