General FAQs

Supervision from a licensed Psychologist versus licensure with this Board:

In NC, if a Behavior Analyst or Assistant Behavior Analyst does not hold a license with this Board then they would need to be supervised by a licensed Psychologist.

If a Behavior Analyst or Assistant Behavior Analyst does hold a license with this Board then they do not need to be supervised by a licensed psychologist.

I have applied for a license and from what I can see on my end the checklist still shows missing items, how does this get updated?

We have to manually review and approved items submitted through the application portal. These items include all items you upload through your applicant portal, items mailed/emailed to the office, and submissions through the online background check portal. We are making updates to checklists on a daily basis, so please continue to look for updates to your profile as they are processed.

For the question on the application regarding being a military trained applicant does that apply to me?

This question on the application would apply to you if you were specifically trained to practice behavior analysis in the military or you are an active duty military spouse who needed to move to North Carolina due to your spouses active military duty.


The person I have listed as a reference did not get the email to submit the reference letter/information for me, what do I do?

Please send an email to the Board office ([email protected]) and request the reference links be resent. Note: if the reference link is resent the original link in the first email will no longer work.

I need to update who I listed as a reference, how do I do that?

Please send an email to [email protected] and indicate you would like to add an additional reference or update a reference, and send the reference’s name (first and last), phone number, and email address.

Background Checks (Online and Fingerprint card processing):

I notice that on my applicant checklist, “background check complete” is not checked off, but I have a report back from Castle Branch on my end.

The Castle Branch report is noted on the checklist as “online background check submission”.

The checklist item “Background Check from Fingerprint Submission Complete” is for the reports from the SBI for the fingerprint cards.

*Note: It takes a minimum of 4 weeks from the date we send the fingerprint cards to the SBI to the date we get a clear background report back. If there are items on the background check that could delay license issuance.

I noticed that we can have our finger print cards submitted electronically now, but I already mailed in my physical fingerprint card, can I send them electronically too?

Please either submit a completed fingerprint card to the Board office or submit your fingerprints electronically. Please do not submit your fingerprints to be processed by mail and electronically.

** The NC SBI does not accept electronic fingerprint submission from other states. The NC SBI only accepts electronic fingerprint submissions from NC Law Enforcement Agencies. If you are in another state, you must mail in the fingerprint card for processing.**

Can licensees of this Board practice telehealth?

Please review the Board’s position regarding the practice of telehealth.